Ghost Trio Free Crochet Pattern By HC

Ghost Trio Free Crochet Pattern By HC

Ghost Trio Free Pattern by Hyacinth Creations

Hello! My ghost trio is free as a thank you to the crochet community. These are fast and easy to work up, this includes beginner friendly instructions. Tall, small and devil ghost mod.
I use felt eyes for more facial expressions please feel free to use whatever eyes you want! I do have vinyl backed felt eyes I used for these available on my site.
You can use any yarn and the recommended hook size, I use Hobbi yarn with a 5mm hook.
[Note: US abbr pattern]
Small Ghost, Tall ghost, Devil Ghost

Level: intermediate

Tall Ghost : 3.5" tall

Short Ghost : 3" tall

  • BLO = back loops only
  • FLO = front loop only
  • MR/MC = Magic Ring/Magic Circle
  • BBL = Bobble
  • CH = Chain
  • DEC = decrease
  • HDC = half double crochet
  • INC = increase
  • REP = repeat
  • SC = single crochet
  • ST = stitch
  • YO = yarn over
    • tapestry needle
    • hook sized for your yarn 
    • 2 stitch markers 
    • (Devil mod) Trident Devil Pitchfork Silhouette Acrylic Cupcake Toppers 12 pcs -

Pattern notes :

Small ghost will have tall ghost instructions written in the end, ignore or follow to make a tall ghost
Devil ghost is a tall ghost mod that will have horn and tail instructions at the end.

The pitch fork is a trident cupcake topper, they are sold on Amazon but Walmart has the same exact thing listed online a little cheaper. Copy and paste : Trident Devil Pitchfork Silhouette Acrylic Cupcake Toppers 12 piece or

This pattern is worked in the round.

Bobble st (BBL) : Yarn over, insert the hook, yarn over, pull through a loop. DO NOT complete the stitch. Repeat the steps 5 times in total. There should be 11 loops on the hook.

Yarn over and pull through all 11 loops on the hook to complete the stitch. Then push out bobble st with your fingers and work as normal into next st

Row 1: MR/MC 6sc inside pull tight or Ch 2 and 6sc in first ch

Slip st into First st and connect

(As I personal choice I dont ch 1 before beginning rows I Slip st and work into first st - Do whatever makes you comfortable)

Row 2: 2Inc in every st (12)

Row 3: ( Sc, inc ) Rep x6 (18)

Row 4: ( 2sc, Inc ) Rep x6 (24

Row 5-8: Sc in every st (24)  *(Total of 4 rows)*

Row 9: 96sc, BBL , 10sc , BBL , 6sc (24)

ℹ️Put eyes between row 6&7 5sc apart or 3sc away from arms, whatever looks best for you- felt eyes will only go on when project is complete.

ℹ️Now is a good time to pull out tail from MR or Ch from the beginning so you can find it and tie off closing string securely. Just pull it out with your crochet hook to the working side of your project so it's hanging out from your ghost.

Small ghost

Row 10-11: Sc in every st (24) *(total of 2rows)*

Tall/devil ghost mod

Row 10-13: Sc in every st (24) *(total of 4rows)*

Frill bottom part (Both)

In the Flo - Front loops only 

(Stitch marker first back loop)

(Sc,hdc,sc) into same st, Slip st into next st - repeat all around

Now we are closing bottom - Into the back loops of the front loops we just worked (should be marked with st marker)

Sc in every st (24)

Gently stuff

(Sc, Dec) x8 (16)

We are about to tie off and finish, complete any stuffing.

Cut your string with a decent amount of length, pull through your last slip st. Attach to needle. Then work needle into the first st (exactly where you would put your crochet hook) then coming from the inside of project - into next st, pull it through the exact same.

*when tightening careful not to break string*

Repeat all around and gently keep pulling, you'll see tightening and can even work the needle in one st and back out the other st with the same pull to save you some time (just like sewing)

When done completing circle give a nice tug (carefully) and sew from one end to the other for security and to fix any gaps.

Then put needle through ghost and have it come out wherever you pulled the MR or ch tail through, Tie them together, cut extra string and stuff inside.

Devil mod- 

In weight 4 yarn 

Horns - (whatever color you want)

(Make 2)

MR/MC 2sc inside, pull closed cut string on hook with enough length to attach to something, pull through (no slip ect, it's perfectly a little horn)

Placement tips- On top of head - before attaching check placement by letting both sit before tying. 

There are two strings, pick a placement - pull one string through - and find the other side of the st (not same hole) and pull through the other string, place other horn evenly, if approved continue with tying off.

Both strings of one horn must now be coming out of the same hole -*as close to the horn as possible* (so there isn't a lot of extra string to be able to pull them loose
tie tightly - cut extra string and stuff inside. 

Tail - Same color as ghost or horns (leave a short tail when slip knotting for attachment

ch 4, (leave another tail for attachment) cut - pull through. 

Placement tips : 

Pull string through end at the bottom middle of back of ghost above frill and pull through other string at top of ghost where you want tail to sit, if approved continue to pull strings through same st somewhere in the middle of tail to tie together tightly , cut and stuff inside. 

Triangle :

Take whatever color you choose and attach it to sewing needle to embroider a triangle at the end of tail, do your best to fill it in, I usually start with the three sides of a triangle and let my string go under and over the two sides once or twice then do 2 new straight line sides and it looks filled in.

Trident info has been explained - I just stuff it in the bobble st and hot glue attach so it doesn't get lost or fall out in shipping

Thank you so much for choosing to work my pattern(s)!! Please tag me in any makes I'd love to see your works and show some love @Goknityourself_

I know I didn't leave any explanation pics, I don't have an easy way to take pictures or do videos while Crocheting yet. I'd love to explain through anything through insta DM and help you out if you have any questions.


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