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Bone Daddy Velvet Crochet BOng Plushie (1/1)

Bone Daddy Velvet Crochet BOng Plushie (1/1)

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Ready to ship - Velvet Yarn / Jack themed Crochet B0ng Plushie W/ Black/White Details / Big Eyes / Green We3d mix - Regular size 

General info : 

All b0ngs come with a very small stick inside, Sticks are easily removable by pushing down the top, I like to add this for a little extra security with shipping and display 🖤 

All Regular sized b0ngs are approx - 8in long - 5-4 in Wide, depending on where you measure 🖤 Some Velvets run slightly smaller (8-7in long)

Care :

All plushies are spot wash only, more specific care instructions will come with the items 🖤

*Please follow care instructions if allergic to animals as this comes from a pet friendly home*

Material : 

100% Polyester yarn (Very soft) Stuffed with Poly-fil (B0ngs are squishy but firm) 

Refund/Exchange info

Care Instructions

Any care tips you need will come with the items🖤

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