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Hyacinth Creations

Cuddly Coraline Doll Replica

Cuddly Coraline Doll Replica

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General Info : 

Made to order - Coraline Crochet Plush 

Movie doll replica - Removable yellow jacket and wearable hood

May take 3-5 weeks if I have other orders for all Coraline dolls 

or a custom mini you version, pics of you must be insta dm’d @goknityourself_ or emailed

I will color match skin tone and hair as best I can with yarn, they will not have noses but some visible piercings I can do. 
If you don’t approve of plush before shipment I can retry features, to purchase this means you are giving a mandatory unrefundable 25$ yarn/time fee even if you do not wish to have your mini doll shipped to you or I cannot complete doll to your exact specifications. I cannot guarantee 100% everyone will like the outcome, please be kind as I do these for fun

I will try my best to find your desired color button if you wish to do something other then black. 

Size :

10.5 Inches Long

Care : 

You may gently fully soak and Hand wash if needed, Air dry in front of fan

*Please follow care instructions if allergic to animals as this comes from a pet friendly home*

Material : 

100% Acrylic/Cotton Stuffed with Poly-fil (Squishy but firm) 

Refund/Exchange info

Care Instructions

Any care tips you need will come with the items🖤

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